January 26

Do You Want to Create Loyal Customers?

Loyalty Marketing Strategies Part 1 Critical Components Loyalty develops by creating a positive emotional connection with a person (or brand) through a series of positive interactions or transactions. Over time interactions/transactions become a part of the normal routine and in turn nurture a positive relationship. That’s why companies for over 35 years have been fostering.

July 26

Differential Pricing Primer #3

Advantages and Disadvantages of Differential Pricing Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter…you know, where the rubber meets the road. Many have been paid lots of money to perform studies concerning the upside and downside of differential pricing. After reading parts 1 and 2 and this 3rd and final installment on differential pricing,.

July 16

Differential Pricing Primer #2

  Real World Examples of Differential Pricing Differential pricing is very prevalent in the real world. Varian (1996, p. 12) indicates that differential pricing goes hand-in-hand with industries that encounter large fixed and shared costs. This would include the airline industry for example. Varian adds that differential pricing is evident in highly concentrated industries that.