June 6

Bull’s Eye

    We are all inundated with emails. That’s a fact. And yes – your customers are flooded with emails as well. How can you ensure your message gets seen? Implement the time-tested strategies associated with direct marketing. I’m suggesting that you apply those same strategies to your firm’s email marketing campaigns. However there is.

December 30

Marketing – Not the Ugly Step-Sister!

In the previous post I provided you with an overview of the importance of networking and how to network person-to-person and online. That leads to an excellent jumping-off point. Gather trustworthy professionals As an emphasis of your networking efforts…network with experts that are able to add their knowledge and skills to your business. It’s key.

February 26

Great Tacoma Entrepeneur

This content was graciously contributed by Patricia Mannie. One of Tacoma’s early day promoters is Allen C. Mason. Mason Middle School, Mason Methodist Church, and Mason Street are all named after this early entrepreneur who loved the City of Tacoma and wanted to share his passion for our beautiful city with others. During the late.